Who, age What Where When Last known address
Linda Gail Pierce Clinkenbeard, 44 3 neglected horses die

Udell, IA

Appanoose County

February 15, 2007 Centerville, IA
Bruce E. Clinkenbeard, 46 3 neglected horses die

Udell, IA

Appanoose County

February 15, 2007  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date
    3 horses Dismissed  

The Appanoose County Sheriff's Department responded to calls from concerned Udell residents in earlier February after receiving reports of two dead horses and now, three horses have died. Upon investigation, the Appanoose County Sheriff's Department and a Veterinarian determined that the horses had been neglected, left without proper food or water.

Sheriff Gary Anderson stated, "Two of the horses that were found were very skinny - skin and bones. They did have a lot of their rib bones showing, they were very weak, one of them couldn't walk very well, and one was staggering." The Sheriff's Department charged horse owners, Linda and Bruce Clinkenbeard, with animal neglect, which is a simple misdemeanor.

On Monday, February 26th the couple stated that their horses are all very well taken care of but that two of the horses died of disease, and the third died when other horses picked on it. "We had a horse down here at the house, we bought it at auction. It was sick when we bought it. I caught the guy last night and he gave me a card, told me to have the Sheriff's Office call him, because he was sick when we bought him," Bruce Clinkenbeard stated.

A Udell resident reported seeing the horses eating bark off trees due to lack of food. To help with the situation, the Sheriff's Department provided the couple with two bales of good hay. A Deputy also used an axe to cut a hole in the frozen pond that horses drink out of. Sheriff Anderson stated he believes the Clinkenbeard's are now working to keep their horses healthy.

If the good hay runs out, however, and the horses continue to look malnourished, Anderson stated that in theory, every single day that the horses are without proper food and water could lead to a separate charge.

Update 6/4/07:  The case (Case # 08041CASMSM046814) against Bruce E. Clinkenbeard (DOB 1/28/61) for 1 count of animal neglect has been dismissed with the costs taxed to the state.  Case # 08041CASMSM046815 against Linda Gail Pierce Clinkenbeard (DOB 12/17/62) for 1 count of animal neglect has also been dismissed with the costs taxed to the state.



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