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Unknown pup found floating in a canal

St. Petersburg, FL

Pinellas County

May 4, 2011  
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1 4-month-old pitbull pup



A 4-month-old pit bull puppy was found floating in a canal near 9th Street and 26th Avenue South.

  (Photo courtesy of MyFoxTampaBay)

The puppy is recovering after someone found her floating with a chain, lock, electric cord and leather collar wrapped around her neck.

    (Photo's courtesy of MyFoxTampaBay)

Now investigators are working to find who left her there.

"Lotus" is recovering at the Pet Pal Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg. She came in malnourished, dehydrated and suffering from a severe skin infection caused by mites.

"This puppy is lucky to be alive. She did not get into her current physical condition overnight and if it wasn't for her rescuer pulling her out of that canal, she most likely would have died a horrible death," said Scott Daly, Executive Director for Pet Pal Animal Shelter.

It's hard not to take one look at Lotus and feel for her. Though she's just 4 months old, it's clear it's been a tough life.

"She was found floating on a board. She was tied with this collar and this chain and a wire around a board floating down a canal," said Scott Daly of Pet Pal Animal Shelter.

  (Photo'courtesy of MyFoxTampaBay)

It's logical that the 4-month-old pup could have easily fallen in. But the condition she was found in suggests she didn't have an accident; instead, it looks like someone threw her in.

"It's horrible, because you know it was done by somebody because it was chained, the wire, she didn't just walk into a canal. She was put into a canal," Daly said.

"It's clearly a disturbed individual. Normal people don't do that kind of cruel act," said Dr. Martin Cohen, a clinical psychologist.  Cohen has been practicing more than 35 years.

"Usually what we're talking about is someone who is a bully," said Cohen. "It's almost like there's a piece missing. There's no conscience, there's no sense of being able to appreciate what it's like to be someone else. No sense of the suffering."

No one has been arrested for abusing Lotus. Dr. Cohen hopes that person is caught sooner rather than later.  "This is someone who needs to be either in treatment or in jail, or both," Cohen said.

Anyone with information on who may have dumped the dog in the canal is asked to call 727-328-7738.

To donate to Lotus' care, call Pet Pal Animal Shelter at 727-328-7738 or go to www.petpalanimalshelter.com.


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